Our world
17 November 2009

The prized vintage Ferrari Riserva Lunelli, is the first label of casa Ferrari to bear the family name. RobilantAssociati has been a partner of the Ferrari cellars since the early 1990s in the conception of brand-driven projects, and continues to support the illustrious Trentino winery in crafting the identity of the family’s most recent addition.

23 June 2009

Talent is the art we all find in ourselves. This change gives us the chance to express our own. RobilantAssociati changes, just as a person who grows changes and with experience brings into focus their objectives, their Talent. Ours – we discovered how we do things with our Clients – lies in discovering the original Talent of the Client company and translating this into a successful Brand. Find out how at our new website, a web window always open on our desktops.

27 March 2009

Roger Botti speaks at the conference “Prima di tutto donna” (“Women First of All”) organized by Somedia (Palazzo delle Stelline, 26 and 27 March ), two days completely dedicated to women, and their styles of living and consuming.
In his presentation, Botti defined women as the real trendsetters in the food sector, guided by research, experimentation, and curiosity about new things. The need for transgression for an emotional escape from reality and the need for an antidote – personal gratification and inner wellbeing – are, according to the operations director, the new drivers for women’s food consumption. Brand Design innovates when faced with new styles of consumption.