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We Are

We define our identity by what surrounds us. We work with clients to discover the “hidden talent” and get to the heart of their cultural identity. We believe that identity is not something static, but an essence that, once discovered, can be shaped over time.

Meet the Talent Makers.

“Brand talent: an incontrovertible truth that becomes foundation and inspires action.”

Maurizio di Robilant

After a stint in new york with Massimo Vignelli, in 1984 he returned to Milan where he founded italy’s first branding agency. Under his guidance, the company prospered, becoming a cutting-edge consultancy that never lost its original spirit of a creative workshop. Maurizio has supported strengthening the Italy brand, which in 2014 led to the establishment of the Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza.

Chairman and CEO

“Think true, design true.”

Roger Botti

Roger has solid experience in all-around branding with a special focus on brand identity, packaging design, retail branding, and innovation strategy. A skilled expert on consumers and their behavior, Roger is a speaker at many conferences and conventions. His role combines the firm’s managerial and organizational direction with creative supervision of projects.

General Manager and Creative Director

“Every project is a tailor-made process.”

Giuliano Dell’Orto

The firm’s long-established creative soul. During his career, he has coordinated work with a national and international reach, handling both strategic and creative content in a variety of categories: automotive, food, mass market and luxury, wine and spirits. His sharp focus on new product development projects is extremely important.

Creative Director

“Less is.”

Angelo Ferrara

After lengthy experience in London, Angelo took over strategic and creative direction of the corporate branding area. His rare talent in crystallizing design and strategy led him to manage branding projects, especially for companies with an international reach. He also heads RobilantAssociati’s corporate social responsibility activities.

Creative Director corporate branding

“Involvement as a tool. Meaning as a goal. Surprise as a result.”

Andrea Bandiera

After receiving his diploma from the Istituto Europeo di Design, he joined the RobilantAssociati team as an intern and now is creative director. During his career, he first handled corporate identity projects, then specialized in brand and packaging design, particularly brand advertising, with a focus on developing new brand expressive modalities through videos and workshops.

Creative Director

“The most surprising solutions are often a mix between different disciplines.”

Andrea Rogora

Degree in economics from Bocconi University. He started out in marketing rapidly expanding firms in both the mass market sector and luxury products. He is the head of customer relations and promotes new methods of approaching branding projects in response to new dynamics and new company and consumer needs.

Client Director

“Brand is about awareness, self confidence and happiness of involved people.”

Silvia Pellei

Silvia is the head of RobilantAssociati’s Human Resources department. She coordinates and promotes training programs, ensuring that the work environment cultivates every employee’s potential and expression of talent. She also heads all the company’s administrative activities.

Administrative Directorand and Human Resources manager

  • From strategy to detail

    We are a creative laboratory in the heart of the City of Design. This is where brands are born, evolve, and change to successfully meet the fluid context of modern life, while keeping the focus on their own identity. In our method Strategy and Design work always together, to create customized solutions and give companies the tools they need to express their uniqueness.

  • We are 85 Designers

    Our team of over 85 people includes professionals and young talent with design training, but different backgrounds and skills. Within this flexible, modular hub, individual work teams are set up based on the client’s characteristics and needs. Disciplines converge, cultures meet, categories blend, the most innovative skills interact with the time-tested profession, to design multi-channel brand experiences that are always original and never standardized.

  • We work with clients and not for clients

    We promote a culture of corporate uniqueness and resist conformity; a participatory creative process rather than stale or pre-packaged solutions. So every project comes from listening closely to clients and keeping them fully involved. This guarantees solutions that are never imposed from outside, but rather something the company can closely identify with. A collaboration that leads to creating long-lasting ties and makes us a true partner of the company.

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