Leading household cleaning brand in Italy since 1948, Tonkita is synonymous with Italian-made quality and with a strong focus on innovation. The relaunch is focused on Tonkita’s over-60 years’ experience, its performance, innovation and material-quality-driven expertise and on a sense of a typical Italian good looks and cleanliness. The project prompted a redesign of the trademark, a new packaging system, a study of the new packaging structure and the creation of new names for a few products. Particular attention was given to the back of the pack, full of tips, interesting facts and useful info about the Tonkita world and products.



The result is an immediately-understandable identifying system which can also be easily extended to the rest of the range and to other compartments, providing direct, all-embracing on-shelf communication. It succeeds in creating awareness and recognisability by generating an immediately visible and recognisable “federative” red splash on the shelf.

"Performance and cleanliness"