Heineken Unlimited Edition

RobilantAssociati redefines the “Limited Edition” concept

with the Heineken Unlimited Edition.

As a historical sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, Heineken® redesigns its iconic red star. Our studio, in collaboration with Studio Evil, has developed a completely new concept and technology for this project. An algorithm has been devised that joins 1.000 patterns designed ad hoc with the notes of the Champions League hymn, transformed into digital inputs capable of generating up to 60,000 different pattern combinations.

An absolute innovation in the field of packaging, no one had ever before brought such flexibility to the level of the “packaging chain”. The Robilant Associati registered software opens up to so many possible applications and undermines the boundaries of creativity on packets so far established.

Technology, music and design work together to create something unique: artificial intelligence transforms the notes of the UEFA Champions League hymn into a “dance” of an algorithm generating combinations of lines and shapes, declined in Heineken® colours revisited in an “optical” key: an unlimited edition of 60 million pieces of unique and numbered design.

The Heineken® bottles with special labels were officially presented at the Milan Design Week 2019 and are available in different points of sale from April 2019.

Design, music and A.I. The first Limited Edition with 60 million unique bottles.