Poltrona Frau

On its 100th anniversary, Poltrona Frau has chosen to renew its trademark  through an identity system that reflects the development, positioning, and values of the brand with greater consistency and in a more contemporary style.

The brand reasserts the historical beauty of its products in a more contemporary style. The finely carved details are conserved as a testament to the company’s excellence in craftsmanship, but are reinterpreted in a lighter manner to highlight the innovative orientation. The trademark becomes more than a mere static graphic, it gains materiality, three-dimensionality. It adapts to the surface and joins proactively with the surrounding elements and with various photographic styles. It is imbued with a fully contemporary life, engaging in versatile and harmonious interchange with a palette of recurring identity elements. What was once a trademark now becomes meta-communication. It is exalted, it expands its space, transforming from a simple signature to a new, broad-reaching communication platform.

The project also embraces the development of a recognizable brand language: a comprehensive code that can be applied consistently yet flexibly to the various instruments used by the company to communicate with its stakeholders.

"Always the same, always different"