Bacio di Stile

Bacio di Stile is the name of the first, brand-new temple of luxury shopping which opened in September 2013 in Budapest, Hungary. For the inaugural event, open to an exclusive audience, a “teaser” invitation campaign was needed, something that would arouse a lot of curiosity about the place and immediately convey its capacity to amaze and to pamper customers. The brand’s focal point is a symbol of a kiss, a graphic sign which may be interpreted in different ways: as a pouting mouth blowing a kiss, the “B” of Bacio (which is Italian for “kiss”), or a heart.


The invitation designed for the inauguration made it even more of a key element. The logo became an elegant accessory, a pendant to search for like a hidden treasure in the punch-cut pages of a book/treasure chest.

The project was developed to include the creation of a Brand Manifesto and the design of the accessories given as gifts to guests at the inauguration: a headscarf (for ladies) and a breast-pocket handkerchief (for men). Both giveaways were brand-marked using a proprietary texture which created a further variation on the logo theme.