Consorzio del Prosciutto di San Daniele

San Daniele is a unique brand of Prosciutto ham, one of the most internationally appreciated Italian products of excellence. It is intrinsically linked to the place where it is produced, which is why it boasts a sophisticated flavour and a unique fragrance. This ham’s consortium required a new brand identity in keeping with the product’s quality and market positioning, an identity that would reflect its premium status and that would work in harmony with the brands of consortium members, presenting itself on today’s market with a distinguished, authoritative style.


Quality, tradition, expertise. The new brand expresses premiumness and authority. A seal that certifies and guarantees quality. The colour palette reflects the sophistication of a unique flavour that is communicated to consumers’ other senses through the choice of fine materials and finishings. The result is a memorable signature identity, both strong and refined at the same time, that can accommodate the identities of all the producers on the packaging and communication materials with discretion and elegance. The branding project also created a Brand Manifesto that perfectly summarises the values that make this ham unique and will guide the development and creation of all brand applications.



The first application of the consortium’s new identity is its inclusion on the prepacked portion of Prosciutto di San Daniele ham sold on the mass market. This sober and discreet identity communicates flavour and authenticity on the entirely see-through pack, which aims to symbolise a higher level of transparency. To this end, the most revolutionary part of the new pack, apart from its design, is the introduction of an exclusive digital traceability system which allows consumers to trace every production step and have a complete view of the entire production chain, thanks to a unique character code on each pack. The project is supported by a special website whose design (in both desktop and mobile versions) is in keeping with the brand’s visual identity and tone of voice, so that the consortium’s new identity is perfectly represented in the user experience as well, with all its reliability and authoritativeness.


The authenticity of the people, generations of know-how, conviviality and, above all, territory. The corporate photo shoot presents what has never been revealed before about San Daniele and its territory. Special attention was paid to all those features that can make a difference and efforts were made to maintain a sophisticated narrative style that, nevertheless, remains authentic and original.


In keeping with the consortium’s new identity, the identity of the main event it organises to promote and foster the appreciation of real Prosciutto di San Daniele, both within and outside its region of origin, was also revisited. The Aria di San Daniele roadshow has been given the image of a spring fair, in keeping with its roots, using a logochart that conjures up a spring of fragrances and flavours associated with Prosciutto di San Daniele and celebrates its convivial aspect. This identity has two versions – the Aria di Festa version (when the event is held in San Daniele) and Aria di San Daniele: la festa (when it takes place elsewhere) – that are used during these events in communication campaigns, exhibition spaces, merchandising and other support materials.


Another result of the branding project was the Al San Daniele kiosk, a refreshment stand run by the Consorzio del Prosciutto di San Daniele at the FICO Eataly World food park in Bologna. This space was designed to promote the narrative behind Prosciutto di San Daniele and foster an understanding of the product. Here, the authenticity of a ham produced following a method that has been fine-tuned over centuries is conveyed by the quality of the materials used: copper, reflecting the metallic pink used in the brand’s identity, wood and, last but not least, the wall of salt: the only ingredient – apart from pork – used to make this famous ham.


The secret of San Daniele is San Daniele’: that was the TV advertisement’s creative concept and its pay-off (watch the video on top), broadcast during the spring and summer of 2018, as well as the radio advertisement aired from November 2019, which envisages 3,000 broadcasts on the country’s foremost radio stations. This campaign aims to strengthen consumers’ awareness of Prosciutto di San Daniele, engaging them and introducing the special place that has always made this prosciutto so unique.






The new identity of the brand has also been declined in the new institutional website revised in design and branded contents.