A historic Italian brand dedicated to personal care, Infasil updates its brand and product image for an identity in line with its positioning, that joins together its two souls: the delicate and reassuring one and the innovative and scientific one that comes from its membership in the Angelini Group.

The goal of the project is to showcase the scientific component of Infasil giving hierarchical priority to the brand; develop a reassuring precision and a visual coherence among the different lines; refocus an unequivocal and prioritised message across all the lines.

The project redefines the brand identity starting with the core segment – deodorants – to then extend out to the other product categories.


The result is a new, more scientific and reassuring brand identity that includes a new organisation and hierarchy of information, with a clear division between brand space and product story, and greater visual precision also thanks to the use of a new font and a space reserved for the manufacturer Angelini.

"The science of personal care"