A historic symbol of the elegant Italian lifestyle, Martini has reinvented itself to keep in step with the times and recover its uniqueness. The new look is transparent and essential, a harmonious synthesis between shape and graphics. Embellished with historic elements, treated in relief on the glass in a completely original manner, the bottle becomes the icon for Martini’s new direction. With a new, powerful and captivating visual identify, the brand reinvents itself to tackle the challenges of the global market without losing its historic soul.

The Company also relaunched a great classic cocktail: Martini with ice, or, Martini on the rocks. The project gives more force to Martini’s new positioning: “the stylish outlaw”, engaging with the tastes of a more assertive, more modern target audience. With Martini Rocks, Martini takes over exclusive possession of the name, now turned into a logo and presented with an edgy, rock style. The mother brand’s authority is such that it permits great freedom in seeking new visual solutions: the classic red disc becomes the “O” in rocks and the logo shifts vertically to give a more dynamic, unexpected effect. Martini’s customary joie di vivre is expressed with even greater force and freedom in this logo as it changes the rules without altering its proverbial stylishness.

Martini Soda arrived on the soda aperitif market with a formula that broke the rules. Using a combination of tradition and experimentation, the new product image aimed to become an icon of our times. The project focused on bottle design. The product expressed its particular personality through a few carefully chosen elements: the name impressed in relief on the glass, the Martini logo that increased its value, the curvy bottle. The simple, sleek, sinuous shape has much in common with Martini Bianco. The new Martini Soda is seductive, and its transparency transmits all the freshness, sincerity, and familiarity of Martini.

"Glamour, style and joie de vivre. welcome to Martini world"