Even cult brands face the challenge of innovation. But how to introduce novelty without undermining iconic quality? Marvis’s limited editions offer one possible way.

The offer of a few iconic flavors created the Brand’s power and iconic quality, but now it had to find a way to express its dynamism and modernity as well. So along with the classics came the limited editions: unique flavors that take the consumer on a brand new journey. In agreement with the company, RobilantAssociati studied the concepts of the new flavors. The result was “The Wonders of the World” set. This new limited edition offer, in line with brand perception, personality and history, enhances its originality and uniqueness.

The image and name of each flavor was defined – Royal, Karakum and Rambas – and the master “perfumers” at Marvis studied their notes and composition. The pack embarks on a journey of the senses and imagination, with an exquisite, completely original illustrative language. The tube becomes part of a sophisticated collector’s case created ad hoc for anyone who wants to give them as a gift or collect them all, or in a small single box with a form inspired by men’s cosmetics.

"Marvis is a metropolitan dandy. Creative, eclectic, multi-faceted, it spots what’s new before it becomes fashion and anticipates consumer tastes with a refined imagination."