Mestieri d'Arte & Design

Mestieri d’Arte & Design. Crafts Culture” changes face.
The historical magazine of Fondazione Cologni per i Mestieri d’Arte, created with the aim of telling the story of Italy’s extraordinary heritage of know-how and superior craftsmanship and offering them visibility, has been renewed with a brave, innovative and cultured new editorial layout and graphic design. Under the artistic direction of Robilant Associati, craftmanship becomes emotional and engaging, thanks to visual storytelling that draws on the stylistic features of design and lifestyle, opening up the exclusive and refined universe of superior craftsmanship to the knowledge and appreciation of a bigger audience.

The name of the magazine, “Mestieri d’Arte & Design”, becomes the logo, featuring the word “Mestieri”.
The editorial graphic design breaks away from the stylistic and narrative patterns of this world, introducing a “pop” note with an overwhelming visual impact that highlights and lends prominence to the most sophisticated artisan creations. The rich and crafted objects are fully celebrated against extremely modern solid colour backgrounds which, by contrast, enhance the aura of unrepeatability.
Typography, layout and colours work together, defining a bold and popular new editorial format that surrenders nothing to the refinement of the narrative, while making it more captivating and lively.

"Editorial graphic design. The Classics become pop"