Prometeia is one of the largest Italian companies in the fields of consulting, and economic and financial research, a leader in Italy and an international benchmark. The project was aimed at creating the perception of a cutting edge consulting company, capable of offering concrete solutions to market needs.

Visually this new positioning is transmitted through the definition of a new house style set apart by the ironic tone of those who know how to look at their own actions with the proper detachment, leaving space for curiosity and intellectual energy. The new brand is a sign endowed with great expressivity born formally from the initial letter ā€œPā€ in the word Prometeia, becoming a symbol of the vision aimed toward progress that characterizes their activities. The chromatic choices favor colors that recall the optimism of reason. While the institutional blue remains as a cross-element, three different colors were identified to distinguish the individual companies that make up the corporation (Prometeia Spa, Prometeia Advisor Sim, and Prometeia Associazione).


The thread running through the entire identity system is the word. An instrument for transmitting knowledge, this carries with it the expressive use of typography and total rejection of photographic images.


"The optimism of reason"