Among the primary interpreters of Emilian wine culture, Righi is one of the leading lambrusco brands and architect of the revival of pignoletto. The project aims to solidify the qualitative primacy of the brand in the sector, both in consumer goods and in ho.re.ca. (restaurants and wine shops), through an articulated and leveraging segmentation.

The major line for retailer finds in the formal precision of the label’s lines, combined with the warmth of the background shades, which are different for the various types, the sense of authoritativeness that the market associates with the Brand. The glass just accentuates this perception thanks to the R monogram in relief on the shoulder.

The premium line meant for ho.re.ca. bears the name of the visionary winemaker for whom the brand is named, Gaetano Righi. The geometric and minimal lines, paired with highly striking colours that identify types and varietals, communicate the brand’s innovative and particularly assertive stance in a way that is fresh and disruptive for the category.

The Brand doesn’t sacrifice communicating its approach to quality even in the “value for money” line, characterised by a functional and carefully crafted language, also in this case quite innovative and disruptive.

The brand is present at all “touch points”, across the various channels and price levels with targeted communication, customising its “off-pack” language through impeccable posters and presentation folders that are faithful to the brand’s philosophy, with a particular focus on innovation and details.