Rocca di Montemassi

The project establishes the new course of the Maremmana estate Rocca di Montemassi, following the acquisition by Zonin family and the re-launch of the wine-growing project. Consistent with the territory which is “young” from a grape-growing perspective, the design project presented a Maremma region with a long-standing and consolidated tradition but with a dynamic, enterprising spirit expressed through a modern, informal identity.

The brand was redesigned and simplified in detail to achieve a more iconic look. The brand and logo, combined, became the single most visible and striking element, placing greater emphasis on “Montemassi” to facilitate reading also by foreign customers. The diamond – inspired by the clothes ofGuidoriccio da Fogliano all’assedio di Montemassi, in a large fresco of Palazzo Pubblico in Siena – became the leitmotif of the brand language and was embellished on the Super Premium line through the use of special printing techniques.

The project focused on increasing brand awareness and recall, re-establishing a hierarchy of identifying elements for a more immediate interpretation and navigation through the Premium and Super Premium lines while simultaneously increasing the family feeling among products.

The new course of Maremma's wines