An aperitivo born in Venice in 1920, it has always been the star of the spritz as made by the Venetians. Select updates its splendour with a visual identity inspired by its original look. In an era in which consumers reward brands that are able to showcase authentic tradition and know-how, Select re-presents its long tradition as a true aperitivo icon and it does so with a new shape and the updated look of its historic label.

The project aims to showcase the brand’s iconography as much as possible, without falling into a formal repetition of the past. The label is updated with an original and premium twist, detectable especially in the noble blue background, embellished with a delicate pattern inspired by the botanicals in its formula.

The bottle was redesigned introducing classic stylistic features from the early 20th century into the neck, with volumes and finishes that recall the unique skill of the Venetians in glassmaking.

The label is inspired by the one used in the 1920s and 1930s, with a long-stemmed glass in the emblematic centre of Select, which to this day is still the glass used to drink a spritz.

“The icon of the Venetian aperitivo since 1920"