Long known for its confectionary traditions in its production of nougat, sweets and sweet-spicy pickled fruit, Sperlari decided to differentiate its range by entering the chocolate universe with a new, distinctive, high-quality range of chocolate bars, filled chocolates and snack bars.

A study of Sperlari’s communication from the ’50s to the present day highlighted a number of proprietary elements which have always characterised its brand image: its natural attitude of good taste and a carefree lightness which sometimes leans towards an evocation of a fantasy world, giving an experience of a light-hearted return to childhood. These themes became the starting point for building a single, distinctive story for the new product range.

Sperlari is a “fairy-tale” chocolate that gives voice to the child inside each one of us, carrying us into a fantasy world. The slogan C’era una volta il cioccolato (“Once upon a time, there was chocolate”) becomes an integral part of the brand and, based on this, the pack is filled with nursery rhymes, games, colours and fairy-tale drawings which illustrate the product’s flavour and specific characteristics and, at the same time, clearly regulate the range and highlight its variety while giving the brand image an original, sensational and unmistakeable style.

"Fairy-tale chocolate"