Vyta Santa Margherita

Retail Food’s Italian boulangerie teams up with Casa Vinicola Santa Margherita winery to create Vyta Santa Margherita, a new café/restaurant brand. A branding and retail concept project. A path that focuses on expanding the initial offer with positioning content. The objective is to transform the sign into a brand.

Finding – during a hectic trip – the wholesome flavors and products of the Italian food and beverage sector is the philosophy behind Vyta Santa Margherita. The payoff “Acqua. Grano. Vino. Vyta.” [Water. Grain. Wine. Vyta.] replaces the previous “Italian Boulangerie”, which is mainly descriptive and not very distinctive.

A video-manifesto is created and produced: this emotional communication tool describes – in a striking and glamorous way – the perfect simplicity of premium quality ingredients that make up the offer and is inserted, in an unusual way, in the architecture of the place, entertaining the public with discretion.

The identified positioning becomes the inspiration and guide for the development of other project tools, leading to the definition of: a brand manifesto, an expression and synthesis of the brand philosophy and customer engagement tool; the retail concept, developed by architect Daniela Colli and produced by Cimadon Contract Furniture, which transforms the space into a sleek, sophisticated, impeccable yet “silent” space in a setting able to represent and support the new Vyta proposal and to contextualize the buying experience within a story that “goes beyond the product”;  the design of the look & feel of the space, through a set of stylistically consistent materials for the store: from the sign and signage to informative and promotional elements, from the sugar packets to the uniforms, from the take-away box to the menus.

"A new brand on the restaurant scene."