09 May, 2018 | Posted in Point of view

From non-places to business-hubs

Travel retail revamps transit places turning them into scenarios for innovative brand experiences.

Travel is a pool of hitherto unexplored latent needs for consumers and latent opportunities for Brands.

The “transit” dimension, regardless of its length, becomes a full component of the whole customer journey, turning these transit areas into actual temporarily “inhabited” micro-cities, thanks to a full range of services completing the travel experience, making it more comfortable as well as more efficient. This is an important opportunity for brands’ memorability and new presence, reinforcing their positioning thanks to a well-thought expansion of their language and proposition. But the true challenge for companies is to understand how to do that without betraying their own DNA, and, on the contrary, in a way enhancing their competence and positioning as well as their ability to listen to people and meet their new needs in advance.

Let’s take the example of Cantine Ferrari. Which consumer ever expected to find Ferrari sparkling wines in an airport area other than the Duty Free Shop? And what led the Italian sparkling wines mogul to be there? The intuition that a hub like Rome Leonardo Da Vinci airport needed a specific proposal aimed at those who: – are at the airport for a business meeting and need a place associating elegance, welcome and a quality, albeit quick, food and wine experience; – are waiting for take-off and want to kill time grabbing a higher quality snack or a glass of good wine; – come from abroad and, on arrival at the airport, may try an Italian lifestyle experience, elegant though informal, welcoming and sophisticated, epitomized by Cantine Ferrari.

Travellers’ needs are opportunities for companies; brand must have a solid awareness of themselves and be non-monolithic and non-compact, but fluid and dynamic; bearing witness of the company’s ability to always consider the reference context and grow with it, taking advantage of its features and technologies.

Roger Botti
General Manager and Creative Director