11 May, 2020 | Posted in Press release, Video

The new Exquisa TV advert featuring Tania Cagnotto is now on air.

Exquisa, the expert in creamy freshness, is making its television debut with the inaugural advertisement of its UN TUFFO NELLA BONTÁ / DIVING INTO GOODNESS campaign with diving champion Tania Cagnotto.

With broadcasts starting on Sunday, 26th April, the advert presents the company’s traditional dairy specialities and the NOA Hummus vegan range, created by Exquisa in response to new consumer demands, all promoted ‘in sync’ by Brand Ambassador Tania Cagnotto.

In the new communication strategy, the two categories are brought together by the same message, an emblematic expression of Exquisa’s tagline ‘Goodness should be shared’. While the products differ enormously one from the other, they are all equally delicious and of the same high quality, winning new customers from the very first bite, satisfying a range of tastes, meeting different needs, and providing a final touch to increasingly dynamic and spontaneous social occasions. It’s an experience that, in all sorts of situations, invites you to explore a world of new, wholesome flavours and… ‘dive’ into goodness.

The 15-second advert starts with a voice-over by Tania Cagnotto and her fantastic dive into Classic cream cheese from the Bavarian Alps, which represents an active lifestyle that focuses on well-being: an informed choice that looks to quality and the pleasure of ‘plunging’ into the goodness of fresh, healthy, wholesome flavours. This tasty cheese spread is then flanked by NOA chickpea hummus, while delicious combinations offer new dipping suggestions for two product ranges that, though different, will surprise you with the same glorious goodness!

The campaign will be broadcast from Sunday, 26th April with an airing schedule that envisages 117 flights on channels Rai1, Rai2, Rai3, Rai4, Rai News, Rai Premium and Rai Movie until 2nd May. After that date, it will continue being broadcast on national television and online.

Art Director: Robilant Associati
Video production: Cicciotun
Audio production: Extra Vitali
Media planning: CrossMediadv

Margherita Anania