15 June, 2020 | Posted in Point of view

FUTURE PERFECT // Today’s thoughts to plan the future

Future perfect is the time of possibility, the time for vision, the time used to make project. It is the uncertain space in which the action is projected forward, laying the foundations, today, of what we would like to happen tomorrow.
Thoughts of today to plan the future.



At the beginning of lockdown we didn’t know how to use time.
Then, we started to appreciate it and now that we permanently regained our time would we be willing to lose it again?
The future belongs to all solutions (goods, services, formats) that will allow us to preserve our conquest.
In defense of lost time.




Brands will be increasingly characterized by their social role. Consumers and the public are expecting new products and services able to match new life styles but, more importantly, clear and bold positions on the main issues concerning the future: sustainability, integration, rights, health. CSR as a meaningful and real commitment, not simply declared. Time to define a new reason why.



“There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” (Milton Glaser)
Wow, it’s not just the ability to surprise for a moment.
Wow is the talent to shape something which is not shaped yet, to crystalize a message, an idea, a feeling.
This is what an icon is meant to be: a powerful message embedded into a unique and memorable sign.

Margherita Anania