15 September, 2020 | Posted in Point of view

FUTURE PERFECT // Today’s thoughts to plan the future

Future perfect is the time of possibility, the time for vision, the time used to make project. It is the uncertain space in which the action is projected forward, laying the foundations, today, of what we would like to happen tomorrow.
Thoughts of today to plan the future.



At the beginning of lockdown we didn’t know how to use time.
Then, we started to appreciate it and now that we permanently regained our time would we be willing to lose it again?
The future belongs to all solutions (goods, services, formats) that will allow us to preserve our conquest.
In defense of lost time.



Brands will be increasingly characterized by their social role. Consumers and the public are expecting new products and services able to match new life styles but, more importantly, clear and bold positions on the main issues concerning the future: sustainability, integration, rights, health. CSR as a meaningful and real commitment, not simply declared. Time to define a new reason why.



“There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” (Milton Glaser)
Wow, it’s not just the ability to surprise for a moment.
Wow is the talent to shape something which is not shaped yet, to crystalize a message, an idea, a feeling.
This is what an icon is meant to be: a powerful message embedded into a unique and memorable sign.



The digital revolution – accelerated by circumstances -has permanently changed the conditions of retail. Two macro trends are taking place: the digitization of the physical stores and the humanization of virtual shops.
Both proceed in the same direction: a Brand journey increasingly integrated and holistic.



Workspaces, as we have designed them till now, will no longer be suitable to cope with new ways of working that lockdown has dramatically boosted.
Smart spaces for smart workers.


Smart working growth, unstoppable development of e-commerce, new delivery systems, increased environmental sensitivity, 5G technology, the threat of new viruses. Will these and other elements get us out of town?


A brand language is positively nourished when is contaminated by codes far from its own world. By disrupting its own category rules, the brand declares its distinctiveness and uniqueness, while setting the pace. Cross-fertilization is creatively generative!



The future predicts scenarios that seem to be in contradiction. The tendencies, even opposite, will not be mutually exclusive. They will add up together. Sensitivity will be needed to perceive contrasts, overlapping needs, seeming inconsistencies.
As a result of true listening and proximity to consumers, 
Brands will be called to choose their own position.



We awaken – from a kind of forced hibernation – to a strong need to look forward and to the responsibility of doing it having learned something important. On-going processes have been speeded up. Inertias have been broken. We need to build today the competitive advantage of the future, with the courage to ride, push, anticipate sensitivity, needs and changes. Innovation is the only key to strengthen the position.

10. GIFT 

From Fleming to Elon Musk. From Bill Gates to Pope Francesco. Many have supported and sustained the importance of making significant discoveries available to all, in order to foster progress to the advantage of all humanity.
In these times of sharing and solidarity,
can “giving up” the authorship of some ideas make us richer?


Overt or subconscious, health is now an everyday preoccupation.
People will reassess products and services according to whether it enhances or diminishes their health.
Good for your body and good for everything” will be more and more relevant.
Products and processes need to be good and sustainable too.
Health is the new wealth. Every business becomes a health business.


More and more businesses are called up to digitize.
But being digital requires a paradigm shift. Not just a new website and e-commerce but, rather, the definition of a new business model.
New frames in which real and virtual find new integration.


There is a need to bring respect back to the centre: respect of the human being, of nature, of life. It is time to rethink processes in an ethical way. Brands are called to be the promoter of a new culture of social respect culture. “Without exploitation” becomes the most important ingredient.

Margherita Anania