09 May, 2018 | Posted in Point of view

I Love Italia

Discover the stories behind the iconic made in Italy brands designed by us.

“Had Made in Italy been a brand, it would be the third best known brand in the world.”

This is comforting news for Italian companies facing the challenge of global competition. Made in Italy can lend us a hand and constitutes a positive frame to introduce the story of individual companies.But there is a drift looming from around the corner: many Italian companies competing abroad do so through a single positioning: Italian lifestyle. If, therefore, “Made in Italy” is an outstanding added value, the question is: how long more can we use it without filling it with new contents?
When Enzo Ferrari started manufacturing its wonderful rosse, he wanted the fastest cars in the world. When Piaggio created the Vespa, he did not think about the dolce vita icon, but about an unprecedented vehicle: the scooter. Borsalino hats are an icon of style, in terms of quality and workmanship. Mutti competes in the world with the promise “just tomato”: different than “Italian tomato”. Excellence achieved with these operations led to Made in Italy greatness. To rekindle it, we must recover great ambitions, go back to imagining extraordinary projects and do unmatchable things. Being Italians will take care of the rest.

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