No needs for introduction. Aperol is the true icon of the collective Italian ritual known and practiced all over the world as aperitivo. It has embraced and made its own an exceptional imagery made up of sunshine, sociability and taste, which has jumped the boundaries of the commodity sector to “represent the genre” in the art, the communication, the history of creativity and the style that is made in Italy. Updating a global brand with these characteristics represented a big challenge in terms of awareness of the values that this brand brings with it and  of the expectations that the industry and the final consumer have of it.

So, to re-launch itself in view of its first centenary, the brand had the chance to tap into the symbols of its longstanding tradition, while at the same time trying to build a universal and contemporary language with which to speak to different audiences, moreover, in a period when consumers and the mixology experts behind brands are looking for traditions and stories to tell, on top of an intrinsically high-quality product, of course.

Aperol did so while staying true to its values, to its promise and the “talent” that sets the brand apart from the rest of the market. The intervention involved all the elements of the visual identity. Collaterally, we designed – an increasingly indispensable element for brands that work in this sector – a series of symbols and treatments, a verbal and visual “brand language” with which the brand communicates beyond the packaging, at points of sale and on various promotional materials: what we called the “social wall”, in keeping with the very Aperolian avocation to share, is a pattern into which the principal symbols of the communication about and the consumption of the product are woven, along with terms that accompany its new identity.

Together to the mother brand Aperol, Aperol Spritz e Aperol Soda were involved, synergistically and appreciably updating a brand that exports its “joyful mood” from on-trade to domestic consumption.

Giuliano Dell'Orto