05 July, 2019 | Posted in Press release

International digital awards and rising turnover

Over the past few weeks, our agency has been awarded five prizes thank to its website project for Oropress, the Italian company that specialises in the supply of foil and film to a number of different industries.

Indeed, we won no less than two FWA Awards, the most important international web innovation awards. The mobile version of Oropress.it was named ‘FWA of the day’ on 29th May, while the desktop version won the same award the day after. A few days later, RobilantAssociati won two more awards: the CSS Design Award, which named RobilantAssociati’s work as ‘Site of the day’ on 4th June, and an Awwwards Mobile Excellence award. As far as national recognition is concerned, it was also named a Digital Design Award ‘Site of the week’.

‘These internationally recognised awards, won in rapid succession,’ highlights RobilantAssociati’s Executive Digital Creative Director, Tommaso Mezzavilla, ‘propel Robilant Associati up to a level of international excellence in its digital work as well. The website – visited by users from over 90 different countries – was the goal of a wider rebranding project that the agency researched and created for Oropress.’ Mezzavilla ends by saying: ‘Oropress.it is an experiential and amusing website that perfectly represents the company’s flexibility, showing users all the possibilities, solutions and combinations available, as well as the highly tailored service that Oropress offers.’

The excellent news for the company founded by Maurizio di Robilant is also filtering from the company’s figures: RobilantAssociati ended 2018 with a turnover of €18.5 million, up 8% on the previous year. With over 100 national and international clients, this Milan-based consultancy has consolidated its place as a leader in Italy and a key player on international markets, having delivered branding projects in over 15 different countries worth 53% of its total turnover.

‘In a crowded market, our business has continued to grow constantly and rapidly over the past 10 years. That’s because our primary motivation is the quality of a project and our clients’ success. We have expanded without ever betraying our Italian roots on the international scene, proudly defending our independence and remaining faithful to our passion for this line of work, aware of the professional and entrepreneurial flair and craftsmanship that make us stand out,’ stated Roger Botti, Robilant Associati’s General Manager. ‘Our success is also due to a fresh approach to branding that acknowledges the new needs of the market in the light of the digital revolution that is affecting businesses and consumers and has led RobilantAssociati to reorganise its range of activities and expand the boundaries of its consultancy services in 2019.

Margherita Anania