13 September, 2019 | Posted in Press release

TEDxMilano is back. RobilantAssociati as Supporting Partner

Once again, Robilant Associati and the Italia Patria della Bellezza Foundation are Supporting Partners of the TEDxMilano event.

This event is returning to our city in a new and improved format, with a programme spread over two days: four TEDxMilano workshops to be held on Saturday, 28 th September at Milan’s Teatro Dal Verme theatre; while Cambiamenti, the 2019 edition of TEDxMilano, will take place in the same location on Sunday, 29 th September, featuring 12 speakers who will present their stories and experience in the unique format that has been drawing and delighting members of the public for over seven years.

Cambiamenti (‘Change), the title of this year’s edition, reflects our time, marked by intense, deep-rooted change in
all aspects of our lives: the international balance of power, economic and social relationships, the boundaries of research and ethics, the pace of innovation, the climate, work and lifestyles. In such a complex situation, it is difficult to envisage the future and we find ourselves having to change our mentality in trying to interpret reality as it evolves. This year, TEDxMilano will attempt to tackle such change with intelligence, culture and enthusiasm, rather than denying it. Change is, after all, our present that becomes our future.

On 29 th September, the stage of Milan’s Teatro Dal Verme theatre will host Alberto Diaspro, a nanobiophysicist and deputy director of the IIT (the Italian Institute of Technology), Antonio La Cava, itinerant teacher and the creator of the ‘bibliomotocarro’ motorised library, Giacomo Poretti, an actor and a member of the comic trio ‘Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo’, Katia Provantini, a developmental psychotherapist and lecturer in social services, Laura Ferreri, a neuroscientist specialising in the study of music for the stimulation of cognitive functions, Luigi De Micco, entrepreneur and founder of PlayMore, Manuela Ulivi, a lawyer and founder of the national network of women lawyers representing women’s refuges, Tommaso Ghidini, a scientist at the ESA, Marco Dussin, Agile Consultant, Tommaso Salaroli, the founder of Scomodo magazine, Davide Cassi, food physicist, and Paolo Rigamonti, architect and founder of Limiteazero, the experience design studio.

In the run-up to this year’s edition of TEDxMilano, four workshops open to the general public will take place on
Saturday, 28 th September 2019 at the Teatro Dal Verme theatre.

Margherita Anania