30 May, 2019 | Posted in Press release

The Oropress website wins an FWA

Robilant Associati has won a prestigious FWA with its Oropress.it website.

Following the sweeping rebranding of Oropress, a company that specialises in supplying foil and film to a number of different industries, Robilant Associati has also designed what is both an experiential and amusing website that perfectly renders all the possibilities, solutions and combinations, as well as the highly tailored service, that Oropress offers.

Thanks to 3D technology, the experience of assessing colours as they actually appear on different materials in real life has been transposed to a virtual environment. Such 3D imaging simulates the effect and the reflections of different finishes on a variety of surfaces.

The website’s mobile version is even more impressive. The interactive panel that moves and lights up when a mouse passes over it on the desktop version reacts to a simple movement of a smartphone or tablet.

FWAs are the most prestigious web innovation awards in the world. Both the Oropress desktop and mobile formats won the award.

Margherita Anania