Wine branding is a big protagonist at Vinitaly 2019 thanks to RobilantAssociati. The Italian Agency designed Brand Identity projects for 4 major Italian companies, which will present their new look during the course of the largest wine exhibition in the world.

ZARDETTO | The Game Changer 

The company, that produces Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene, is very well-known in the United States. RobilantAssociati developed a disruptive and daring identity, thanks in part to an exclusive, completely innovative, double label. Black on the outside and bright inside, the label – dominated externally by an iconic Z – opens onto 4 works of art created ad hoc by the Milanese studio, transposing the notes and the organoleptic composition of each product onto a canvas. Brushstrokes of unexpected colour, palpable textures, instinctive paintings that reveal and amplify the full flavour of Prosecco Zardetto, offering a glimpse and foretaste of a surprising and bewitching drinking experience. An extraordinarily bold identity for the world of prosecco that perfectly expresses Zardetto’s positioning: “The Game Changer” and that reveals itself suited to stand out strongly even on the American market. The new brand language expands and also becomes a guide for the engaging stand created for Vinitaly and the video-positioning.


SORELLE BRONCA  | The value of the “particella”

The family-run company Sorelle Bronca, also from Valdobbiadene, presents itself to its audience by focusing on showcasing its brand, highlighting its uniqueness in the rich and varied landscape of prosecco producers. The branding project responds perfectly to this need and outlines a memorable identity starting with a simple product identity, where the label of the different products looks almost dematerialised. Excellence, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail are the core values that inspired the update of the entire Sorelle Bronca brand system. On a visual level, the project is characterised by the presence of the element of the square, which symbolises the small portion or “parcel” of the vineyard that allows for the birth of an extremely high-quality product.

VILLA MATILDE AVALLONE | The ancient Falerno wine is back

New brand architecture for Villa Matilde as well, which brought Falerno, a wine famous in classical literature, back to life. For the Campanian company, the change starts with the name, which becomes Villa Matilde Avallone, to highlight the family’s name within the company brand. Even the historical emblem is redesigned, in order to make it more authoritative and recognisable, while the products are embellished with illustrations that are able to create an intense and unique narrative, capable of reflecting a history that has its roots in ancient times and pride in a land, Campania, that has always been fertile and generous.

MEZZACORONA | Sustainability and craftsmanship

At Vinitaly, also presenting itself with a new look will be Mezzacorona, a well-known Trentino wine brand. The RobilantAssociati project was born from the need to evolve the brand identity in order to make it more contemporary, fresh and elegant: hence the presence of the emblem on the label acquiring greater centrality, which makes it more authoritative and memorable, embellished by updated storytelling that allows for more clearly conveying the product values, such as sustainability and handcrafted production.


Margherita Anania