RobilantAssociati presents the restyling of the legendary Alfa Romeo logo, aimed at finding the ideal synthesis, in a single sign, of the values that distinguish the new Alfa Romeo: technological innovation, dynamism, lightness, efficiency, a unique spirit and Italian style.

The new brand is a celebration of the historical identity with an underlying core of modernity and elegance. The outer ring in midnight blue, so intense as to be almost black, embodies the exclusivity. The use of chromed steel in the profiles emphasizes modernity and technological expertise. The Alfa Romeo logo, also in chromed steel, conveys its avant-garde attitude and performance. The stylized serpent in the centre becomes more iconic, prominent and proud. The prestige of the brand is further asserted by the texture of the background, obtained with a repoussé technique.


The new icon respects the original emblem, reinterpreting it with a dynamic, contemporary and sporty style.