Over the years, RobilantAssociati and Alitalia have established an ongoing collaboration that has produced a variety of projects, all with the common intent to give the national airline a strong Italian flavor and authoritativeness.

Fully nine projects have been developed for Alitalia, with the goal of powerfully asserting its identity and expressive ability. The repositioning work, guided by the pay-off “Alitalia makes Italy fly,” was fundamental, giving the brand a new communicative force through a proprietary visual system based on illustrations. This laid the foundation for the advertising campaign “Alitalia at work for you” – a manifesto of the historic national airline’s renewed commitment to once again become an expression of a positive Italian spirit – and the campaign for the launch of the Milan-Rome shuttle.

Consistent with the overall strategy was also the retail branding work to create corporate spaces like the Dolcevita Lounge and Terminal A at Fiumicino and the Spazio Alitalia on Piazza di Spagna in Rome. Finally, RobilantAssociati handled the communication aspect and coordinated image of the snacks and towelettes provided on board, the system of names for travel classes, and the renewal of “Alitalia for you,” Alitalia’s informational section published as an appendix to the on-board magazine Ulisse.

"Italian style even when we’re traveling"