Amaro Montenegro

For Amaro Montenegro – an extraordinarily successful liqueur and icon of Italian quality – the time has come to take a leap forward and enter the lofty heights of international spirits by embracing the world of mixology.

The form of the bottle is new, becoming more iconic and contemporary, with bolder lines and exquisite relief elements: the year of establishment (1885), above the label, and the signature of Stanislao Cobianchi, the rebellious genius who invented the Italian amaro par excellence, below it. The label, completely redesigned and framed in the glass, is enhanced in every detail, starting with the new logo, that proudly shows the date of establishment, going on to the display of medals that celebrates the awards it has won over time, to the exclusive background texture.

The story emphasizes the wealth of ingredients, with 40 aromatic herbs from 4 continents, selected and processed according to the original secret recipe. The new cap contains the elements that distinguish the trademark: the “M” for Montenegro, the year of establishment, and the crown of 40 aromatic herbs that for over 130 years have made Amaro Montenegro an icon of genuine flavor.

"An identity with a contemporary and international scope that safeguards tradition and adds value to its stories."