Known as the “Apple of the Gods” for its exceptional characteristics – pronounced sweetness, juiciness, a characteristic scent of honey and nectar, and an attractive and distinctive appearance – Ambrosia, a premium variety of apple distributed in Europe by two important players in the Italian fruit and vegetable sector, Rivoira and VIP, renews its identity to modernise its impact without undermining its well-established and appreciated image.

The project has been approached with the utmost respect and care, trying to enhance the untouchable elements of this “apple of the gods”. The basic elements of Ambrosia’s identity have been distilled: the logo – containing a cross-cut apple with considerable iconic strength – and the colour shading from yellow to red, characteristic of the product along with its image, combined together to generate an indissoluble and synergistic link between the two, transforming the shade into an aura that surrounds and amplifies the logo.

A new prominence has been reserved for another, previously marginal, element of the identity: the tagline “Mmmmbrosia”, which, in its immediacy and musicality, was able to beautifully convey the difference in taste of Ambrosia as well as the very meaning of its name. The new identity has also been interpreted in an Integrated Production line and an Organic line.

The project was so well received that Vip and Rivoira successfully presented it to the “inventors” of the variety in Canada. The new all-Italian identity could be looking at extending its horizons to beyond the European borders.

"Divine in every aspect"