Banca Leonardo

Banca Leonardo, creative intelligence at the service of finance. 
Taking back the significance of its name to build a strong identity, in line with the desire to position itself in a higher end market: this was the focus of the project developed for Banca Leonardo, a leading Italian financial institution.

Leonardo Da Vinci, a boundless genius and emblem of the very best of the Italian spirit, became the inspiration for the guiding concept: creative intelligence, seen as a synthesis of imagination and rationality, the Bank’s specific approach, using perspective and depth, to caring for the client’s wellbeing by going beyond standardized solutions.


In addition to lending coherence and unity to the Group’s brand architecture, a new brand language was developed, reinterpreting the Vitruvian Man that was already part of the logo and selecting a new proprietary color code, the bold and brilliant Banca Leonardo blue. Finally, the use of a recognizable photographic language using the X-ray photographs commissioned from the photographic artist Nick Veasey, to represent that synthesis of art and science that made Leonardo great.

"Method and creativity to look past the surface and grasp the essence."