Fratelli Beretta is bringing to market a new line of snack/ready-meal products, with a highly innovative and service-oriented component, designed to engage with new diets and eating habits for the domestic market. The range is designed as an easy and fast solution for different times of day, from snacks, to meals and all the way to aperitifs with dedicated products: Snack, Pocket, Happy.

The design outlines a concept and a flexible architecture for the offering, which presents the specificity of the individual products, identifying a clear and distinctive expressive language in relation to the mother brand. All the authoritativeness of the Fratelli Beretta brand is still there, and is expressed in each item through new and mouthwatering colours that underscore the “easy” and contemporary nature of this new range.

The photographic style is fresh, colourful and showcases the different products and combinations of ingredients in an appetizing way.


Even the name playfully capitalises on “BE” for Beretta, transforming the product name into an invitation to taste, but also into a “style” that is a clear response to what consumers want.

"New moments of flavour”