Fratelli Beretta is the Italian company that for more than 200 years has passionately produced traditional Italian cured meats. A constant awareness of the consumer’s needs and changes in tastes lead to the launch of a new line: sliced meats produced in a way that respects animal welfare and without the use of antibiotics from birth. Puro Beretta is the new range of products sold in trays and at meat counters that combines the promise of goodness and the flavour typical of cured meats with ethical and healthy food considerations.

The project outlines a concept that, starting with the name, emphasises an idea of goodness without having to give anything up, of a pleasure that doesn’t have to worry about anything else, both in terms of the goodness of the product and the ethics of the process.

The image communicates a sense of lightness and transparency. Goodness can be seen and there is no need to add anything else. From the point of view of branding, the project creates a brand-sub-brand system that gives the mother brand the role of guarantor and spokesperson for the values of quality, know-how, modernity and internationality.

The benefits of the product, represented by authenticity, by its purity and by the control of the supply chain are visually portrayed by the transparent tray that lets the product speak and by the white everywhere. Hands in the act of offering the product are a symbol of the care with which Beretta meats are produced. A strong and versatile key visual that allows the consumer to easily navigate the selection, while guaranteeing the brand excellent shelf federation.

"Good in every way"