Bio Select

Agria is the largest Italian company specialising in the selection and packaging of pulses and cereals: the only one able to offer consumers a line of 100% Italian organic products. A unique story just waiting to be told, especially in a market dominated by private labels and experienced by consumers as a commodity.


The BioSelect range clearly positions itself starting with its name, which with great immediacy and simplicity highlights the distinctive benefit of this line compared to any other. On a crowded but tired shelf, BioSelect presents itself with the promise of a healthy and thoughtful diet, but one that still has flavour and joy without sacrifices, with the “pleasure of caring for yourself”.

A highly recognisable packaging system, which ensures a striking shelf presence, but that’s also flexible, thanks to the bright and tasty colours that help consumers discovering the choices. The logo is vibrant and dynamic: its shape changes on every pack alluding to the content or “doubles” in the case of mixes.

A bright and cheerful visual language that doesn’t sacrifice authoritativeness across the entire line of the range and lends itself well to being used in different communication tools and materials.


"The pleasure of healthy eating"