Birra Messina

The new Birra Messina brings with it all the richness of Sicily’s imagery. The brand visual identity project is a celebration of the city and the island: a tribute to its rich history, elegant culture, and intense colours. The relaunch of the brand on the national market was the occasion for the design of a new pack both for the historic product and for the brand new creation Birra Messina Cristalli di Sale.

Since 1923, Birra Messina has been an icon of the city that represents the gateway to the island. The project was a journey of discovery of the fascinating iconographic tradition of this land starting with the richness of the baroque, the result of competition between noble families marked by and opulent elegance; to continue with the art of ceramics and majolica painted by hand according to a centuries-old tradition; to conclude with the study of colours like yellow and cobalt blue, introduced by the Greeks. Our project crystallises the most iconic and recognisable elements of this imagery and re-works them in an original and proprietary way, turning them into brand language and product identity.

The look of the new Birra Messina Cristalli di Sale – the brand new beer with a pinch of Sicilian salt crystals, which give it softness, roundness and a refined flavour – evokes the dazzling light of the island’s salt mines. Here too, the predominant colours, blue and sky blue, bring to mind the light of the sea. Even the bottle, original and innovative, was specially designed with an iconic shape and embellished with reliefs that are a further homage to Sicilian baroque, from which it draws inspiration.

A unique and distinctive label, with a nearly hundred-year-old history proclaimed on the neck. The baroque-inspired decorations make this label iconic, almost hand-carved. The allusion to majolica attests to a multicultural underpinning. The ship remains at the centre of the label, a metaphor for arrivals and departures, for business and trade, for the merging of peoples and cultures. The yellow is bright as the sun, while the blue and the cobalt weave the colours of the sky together with those of the sea.

"Proud to be Sicilian"