Birra Moretti

A fresh brand identity for Birra Moretti, a historic, totally Italian brand whose solid leadership position still needed a relaunch to fully capitalize on its strengths as it looked forward to more growth.

In redefining the Brand Identity of Birra Moretti, one of the most significant operations regarded the famous “man on the label,” a synonym for assurance and authenticity, which almost completely summarized and defined the uniqueness of Moretti.

The colors, the illustrative treatment, and the posture of the “Mustached Man” now convey a more contemporary image, while new lettering and attention to certain details create a strong visual impact at the point of sale. The new colors, with warm tones, replace the “dull white” of the old image, evoking freshness and thus highlighting the perception of tastiness and the desire to drink “a traditionally good beer.

"The brand is freshened while its values are maintained"

Birra Moretti did. A historic Italian brand and historic sponsor of the Giro d’Italia, the beer with the mustached man took over the display windows of La Rinascente in Milan during EXPOMilano 2015 and as cyclists arrived in the city.

For an entire week, the display windows of La Rinascente in Milan were dedicated to a celebration of the history and products of the Italian beer par excellence. Each window was a unique and memorable installation, showing the ingredients and characteristic elements of iconic products, new product launches, and the history of the famous mustached man. The last window showed a reproduction of the Milan cathedral: an homage to the city in the year it was the star, a cosmopolitan stage for the Universal Exposition.

"1 whole night. 8 display windows. 8 subjects celebrating history. 10,000 bottles. Only 1 great Brand."