Bisol, historic brand of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, today has a new language that translates its core values: uniqueness, authenticity and tradition. The branding project underscores the connection to the territory and the continuity with the history of the brand, and at the same time looks to the future to face new challenges and seize market opportunities.

The new coordinated visual identity has a distinctive colour, “Bisol green”. A touch of green that evokes the lush landscape planted with vines that for centuries has characterised these Valdobbiadene hills.

There’s a new logo, highlighting the date of 1542, the year in which a historical document attests to the presence of the Bisol family as winegrowers in the area, and the connection to the territory is underscored by the inclusion of Valdobbiadene and the stylised representation of a steep planted hill that is reminiscent of the Cartizze area.

The Bisol line is composed only of Prosecco Superiore DOCG and seeks to showcase the variety of the Valdobbiadene territory and explore all the hues of Prosecco Superiore, because each label is an expression of a particular terroir and a specific soil composition. A collection composed of uncompromising examples of excellence, that speaks of tirelessly working the land, the fruit of heroic viticulture.

Alongside the Bisol range, the Jeio collection was also updated. If Bisol is the soul bound to know-how, Jeio is the fresher expression of the brand, the contemporary face, the joyful soul of Prosecco that expresses the ability to enjoy the good life, so typically Italian.

If Bisol is the surname, Jeio is the nickname. Jeio was in fact the nickname that Desiderio Bisol’s wife affectionately used for him after the war.

"The green heart of Valdobbiadene area"