Bormioli Rocco

A multi-faceted company “in love with glass.” Conviviality is the heart of the new positioning: an “inclusive” concept by definition, that celebrates the table and the relationships around it.

In a sector where brands are not very memorable, Bormioli offered a grand history that had not yet been told. The branding highlighted its unique elements: history and savoir faire, Italian art of the table, the passion for glass, conviviality, and empathy.

With a new logo inspired by glass and its forms and a photographic language that places an iconic-looking table in center stage, the new house style introduces a distinctive, recognizable language into the category, elevating the perception of its products and making them commensurate with the company’s quality, experience, and leadership. The use of colors and the point of view on the table become the guidelines for navigating the different lines.

"The new logo comes from glass and adopts its characteristics: round, transparent, in relief."