Bottega Verde Shop

The Bottega Verde store is the final stage of a large-scale rebranding project that began by focusing on the brand promise, affected the brand’s design and the identity of the entire product range, and culminated in the store itself: the showcase for this new identity.

The customer’s experience begins as she crosses the threshold and enters a universe of beauty and naturalness: the door, in the brand’s signature green, is her access and her welcome to the world of Bottega Verde. The promise of beauty and well-being – like immersing oneself in nature – is represented by the entirely original and unexpected presence of a bathtub in the centre of the display area. The orangery – a window that allows us to peer into the Bottega Verde garden – becomes a display element featuring the brand’s collection of fragrances. The lighting – including that of the backlit window and bathtub – creates an impression of natural light that simulates that of outdoor space and intensifies the bright, natural colours used on the products.

The focal point behind the cash till is a key visual that narrates the experience of bathing in a countryside setting, which draws the brand’s values into the store. The use of the arch – as an architectural element typical of Italian, and particularly Tuscan, tradition – proved a strategic choice when attempting to divide the entire area into dedicated and recognisable corners.

The space was designed to highlight the brand’s natural vocation and its strong links with the Tuscan countryside: the manifestation of a traditional Italian concept of ‘wellness and cleanliness’ that is nevertheless reinterpreted in a contemporary way without repeating the usual clichès, and instead creates a house style that is perfectly in keeping with the beauty market’s codes.

"Nature bathing"