Bottega Verde

From the small herbalist’s shop in Pienza, near Siena, founded in 1972 Bottega Verde established itself on the cosmetics scene with a unique “short supply chain” model. The company produces – some of the natural active ingredients that give life to the brand’s most iconic lines are grown in Italy and in particular within the Massaini Estate, the real and authentic place the brand originates from – selects the best ingredients and active components from the most suitable areas around the world; formulates in its research and development laboratories in Italy and distributes in its 420 single-brand stores in Italy and abroad. The branding project aims to bring to light its natural vocation and strong connection to Tuscany, and involves all the touch points of the brand.

The face of the brand changes for the first time since its launch: the more modern and fresh graphic line leads to a stylised shoot that speaks of a brand that springs forth from nature. The logo was developed in three versions: on two lines, more visible on products, on a single line, more readable as a sign and in the monogram version.

The architecture of the range was subject to revision as was the packaging of some product lines with the aim of increasing the weight and the authoritativeness of the brand and showcasing the naturalness of the formulas in the product packaging, for an overall visual identity that is more coordinated and high-quality.

The new key visual celebrates Massaini Estate with a new distinctive element in the centre: a bathtub immersed in greenery, a connecting element between nature and cosmetics and an element that evokes the natural wellness experience offered by Bottega Verde.

For the shops, the stylistic choice holds on a greater aesthetic and formal cleanness in the colours and in the furnishings, for more emphasis on brand storytelling and products, the real protagonists of the store. Pure white walls embrace the brand motto “We cultivate, select, transform”; the furnishings are in muted colours to leave room for the explosion of nature of the products; Tuscany is brought to life through a highly typical element: the terracotta that clads the shelves of the Massaini Estate area, where the brand’s iconic products are displayed. Finally, the key visual of the bathtub becomes a real display element in the centre of the store.

From products to shops to communication, everything aims to build a common set of values, a stronger and higher quality perception in line with the company’s characteristics and the level of its products. Each element of the new story is designed, down to the smallest detail, to embody a clear, simple and proprietary brand promise: “Bottega Verde. Where nature becomes beauty”.



"Where nature becomes beauty"