Cantina Tramin

Thanks to creative sensitivity allowing it to harmoniously summarise the many elements of the territory, and also to its relentless pursuit of quality, Cantina Tramin ‘composes’ wines that are refined symphonies of fragrances, the extraordinariness and elegance of which are immediately perceptible and so become key elements in wine tasting.

The multiple sensory perceptions revealed by the sense of smell; creative precision; organic contamination; the cooperative approach of the company. Based on the defined profile  the Guiding Talent of the winery was identified: ‘composer of refined olfactory symphonies’. This represents a summarisation of the core of the original business idea that brings energy to the ‘imagery’ and the ‘methodology’ of the company.

The brand, therefore, makes the fragrance the prime element of seduction and the key to the in-depth discovery of the product. Words such as ‘rhythm’, ‘pause’, ‘silence’, ‘listening’, ‘impalpability’ and ‘evanescence’ have inspired the creation of a sign composed of five elements hinted at, like the five senses. The space between them evokes a pause for silence, an act of listening, recalling the sensation of a scent that brushes by us for a fleeting moment, and the next moment it seems to have vanished, until returning in all its magical splendour. Beginning with this sign, all of the brand image, and that of the individual products, has been built in a minimal, refined and ordered fashion.

"Composer of refined olfactory symphonies’"