Case Construction

Objective: make all dealers aware of the brand’s evolution and promote sharing of the company’s key values and new direction, both within the company and outside it with dealers and professionals.

Case Construction was positioned as “Expert for the real world. Since 1842,” emphasizing its long tradition and experience. This positioning translated into making certain key elements iconic: the date of establishment integrated into the logo; the orange band which, used in transparency, interacts with the photos, becoming part of the story; the use of the diagonal line that adds energy and dynamism to the layouts.

The tone of voice is direct and immediate, with phrases that are pragmatic and at the same time passionate, testifying to a focus on the “real world.” Even the traditional eagle was brought back and reinterpreted in contemporary fashion as a symbol of history and experience.

"Positioning used to make all dealers aware of the brand’s evolution. A sharply focused view, shared within and outside the company."