An extraordinary portfolio of accessories and technological gadgets for every device. As part of the company’s evolution process, Cellularline has undertaken a process of refocusing the brand in terms of awareness, recognition and desirability, also exploring new languages for interaction with the consumer.

The refocusing of the brand has taken place through the narrative expansion of its vision and promise, starting from the most distinctive feature of the brand: from being a brand-product intended as the “right answer” to every need, to a desired, preferred brand. This process takes the company from being a category specialist to an expert connoisseur of people’s needs, and therefore a “facilitator and amplifier” of everyone’s possibilities. Cellularline accessories are the perfect allies for your device and amplify your potential to the maximum.

The refocusing of the brand promise with a view to being closer to the consumer has led to an overall redesign: from the new brand identity, aimed at greater distinctiveness and memorability; to the new architecture of the offer, to combine efficiency with effective communication; through to the rationalisation of the portfolio, guided by the new visual image, with the aim of ensuring impact on the shelf and a better browsing experience.

The new Brand Identity allows the brand to take an extraordinary step forward in consumer perception, taking it from generalist to multi-specialist positioning. The shopping experience becomes simple and immediate thanks to a visual system designed to be both precise and flexible at the same time, respecting the number of products in the portfolio.

A process of simplification of all the information and careful integration between the rational-informative dimension of the communication register and the more emotional dimension, capable of involving, reassuring, facilitating and making a difference. A brand with a more modern, contemporary and, most importantly, human-friendly soul.