A modern leading brand that offers quality products to quickly solve any problem in the kitchen,  the project was part of a broader operation that also involved other brands of the Comital Cofresco Group – Domopak and Tonkita – and aimed to redefine the relationship between the three brands, identifying a specific area of expertise and related positioning.

The project aimed to perfect the brand development strateg, to define a brand architecture and develop a product image consistent with this strategy, shifting perception towards a more empathetic rather than functional dimension. A “Friendly Chef” brand personality was created: it helped to effectively manage all food preparation phases. The brand architecture was redefined and visually differentiated through bright, vibrant colors that made it easier to intuitively identify product use based on function: CUKI Cook, Preserve, Preserve and Cook, Freeze, Present, and Prepare. The logo preserves positive recognition and leanness yet acquires a subtler connotation that transforms it from mechanical to expressive, from industrial to domestic. The visuals are refreshing and creative. The new packaging system, with casual style that is also attentive to detail, expresses a strong, unique brand identity, a clear segmentation of the offer, and a detailed product description.


"A friend in the kitchen"