Consorzio Gallo Nero

The restyling is a response to the desire to mark the Consortium’s new direction. Having established itself as a collector, guarantor and promoter of the denomination and its territory, today the Consortium intends to confirm this institutional role definitively, endowing itself with a distinctive image, one that is more modern and desirable and in line with its high-end positioning.

Gallo Nero has undergone a treatment to give it the communicative power of the memorable: the focus is on the more strongly identifying elements of the “Gallo”, the cockerel: the beak, the emblem of the song; the tail, where its beauty resides; the chest, puffed out to emphasise its proudness. Its silhouette becomes less descriptive and increasingly symbolic and figurative. The red circle around it, which is also simplified, guarantees an improved profile for the sign in different contexts, thus gaining in modernity.

Energy, proudness and beauty: the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium has a new “Gallo Nero”