Pan di Stelle chocolate spread

The Pan di Stelle biscuit brand has spawned an amazing new product: Crema di Stelle chocolate spread. The unmistakable goodness of Pan di Stelle chocolate is now available in a creamy spread sprinkled with biscuit crumb. The hope is to win a place in consumers’ hearts with a combination of ‘caring’ sweetness (no longer the domain of this market’s longstanding leader) and a more adult kind of indulgence that has stronger tastes, where the ingredients also play a key role.

So in keeping with Pan di Stelle’s brand equity, a new fairy tale tells the story of a dream captured in a jar of chocolate
spread, sealed on top with a round patch of sky. A notable feature is the key visual, which presents and introduces a
new way of spreading Pan di Stelle, unique enough to form a star.

Crema Pan di Stelle chocolate spread has also spawned two other delicious treats, two products that enhance the new spread’s appeal, sparking consumer interest and introducing new methods, rituals and occasions for consumption.


Here too, the key visual is perfectly integrated into Pan di Stelle’s iconic platform, acting as a celebration of the product’s most alluring features: the biscuit’s fragrance, its delicious creamy filling and its uniquely designed ‘chocolate lid’.

Even in the ‘stellar’ biscuit version, the visual is mouth-watering and demonstrates the way it should be ‘used’: a case of ‘the making of…’ that stresses its links with Crema Pan di Stelle chocolate spread.

The packaging features one single visual narrative along the front and back, where the product plays a leading role in the portrayal of its unique characteristics. It’s a striking presentation from both angles.

It’s also an iconic, flexible, signature product system, a platform where each product claims its own identity and manages to stress its own unique character, whilst combining to create a truly unforgettable shelf impact.

"The magic of a biscuit that became a brand"