Olio Cuore

An iconic product, present on Italian tables since the 1950s, Olio Cuore was the first “functional” oil created to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers. Perfectly in line with current food trends, the brand decided to update its visual characteristics through a very delicate restyling not meant to affect its iconicity.


The design project is highly refined detail work: the logo is resized and brought back to the front visual field of the can. The leaf – the element which encloses the product’s point of difference – gains in centrality and readability of the internal text. The corn cob is resized for greater elegance and proportionality among the elements. An icon interface is created that gives greater prominence and readability to the product benefits. The entire composition also appears more balanced thanks to space at the bottom dedicated to the tagline “Mangiar bene e sentirsi in forma” (Eat well and feel fit).

For the first time, the pack also has a front and a back. On a can that has always been double-sided, the back of the pack introduces a precious space for brand storytelling, as well as for the appropriate showcasing of the organoleptic aspects, the ingredients and the principal elements of the product story. The famous “jump” is taken out of the logo and finds a new role on the back, where it becomes a sort of spokesperson, the narrative voice of the product story.