To celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of the father of the Italian language, the Società Dante Alighieri presents Dante.global the most authoritative on-line platform for the Italian language and culture. A new digital hub that gives new life and impetus to the dissemination of the Italian language and culture throughout the world, in the age of digital knowledge and lifelong learning.

Robilant Associati has accompanied the Dante Alighieri company from the start of the digital transformation process through the study and preliminary strategic analysis of the project, the definition of the technical and technological requirements and the digital strategy, through to the development of the name, the visual identity of the new project and its online and offline implementation.

The digital project began with a complex strategic analysis phase that focused on the concept of the platform and defined the goals, services and functions that the Società Dante Alighieri intended to make available to its stakeholders through the platform.

This phase led to the definition of the four pillars of Dante.global:

Language: with Italian language courses for foreigners that complement the traditional (classroom) courses offered by the Dante schools in Italy, with 100% online or hybrid classroom courses.
Training: with the training proposal dedicated to teachers, companies and professionals.
Culture: for the promotion of the new tourist-literary project L’Italia di Dante and Dante digital publishing
Digital services: with the distribution of content from the film, music and publishing industries, made available by the partners of Dante.

The concept resulted in a Brand Identity project. A modern and sophisticated visual identity, contemporary but rooted in the past. Inverting the traditional path, Dante.Global is a brand that was born digital and then expanded to the physical dimension, identifying objects and merchandising, events, advertising, communication, installations, real and virtual classrooms.

Dante.global relaunches the Italian language and culture on a global level with a new language, a brand-new identity, a visual grammar made up of iconic and significant elements: the blue globe, symbol of a global network. Yellow geometries highlight an authoritative, intuitive, universal teaching method. Signs and stylistic elements from the past are redesigned to create a contemporary alphabet, rooted in history and looking to the future.

Digital. Connected.