Delicius was founded in 1974 in Parma. Embodying excellence in the Italian tradition of preserved fish, the company has always been animated by an innovative spirit. The branding project is aimed at making the identity of the brand and products more contemporary, while respecting the extraordinary history of the company.

The project aims to re-establish visibility, order, and a hierarchy of information. As such, the first step was to find a synthesis between the corporate identity and the product logo, both important but redundant on the face of the packaging. Therefore – leaving the company brand intact – a new product logo has been introduced that incorporates the corporate iconography through the technique of the “negative space logo”.

The new logo acquires greater visibility and impact on the shelf, starting with the glass of the anchovies, a top-selling product and true icon of the brand, while also creating synergy with the canned products. In the Delicius premium range, the brand becomes an endorser.

The introduction of a proprietary color palette, which draws on the brand’s remarkable iconographic heritage, facilitates navigation within the product range, re-establishing a clear organization of its architecture.

Each side becomes a new front, designed according to a holistic approach that uses the pack to convey the characteristics of the product, enrich the story of the company, and ‘talk’ to the consumer.

The project also insists on the definition of a proprietary photographic style for the visuals, aimed at communicating the purity of the products and the simplicity of the ingredients, as well as to increase appetite appeal by introducing a sense of warmth and familiarity.

The canned products have also been revisited to give them a greater iconicity and synergy with the other lines.

The result is a unique brand alphabet that becomes out-of-pack language and an original communication style within the category.

"The pride of an excellent product, made with the mastery of the past."