Distilleria Bertagnoli

Distilleria Bertagnolli is one of Italy’s outstanding grappa producers.  The restyling not only reinforce the brand and renew product images, but also provide clearer navigation between the basic line and the “Affinate” segment and a create a distinction between “Grappino” in the GDO channel and “Gran Grappino” for HO.RE.CA. channel.

The design started out from the most iconic brand equity elements: the monogram, the shield, and finally the arched logo, which was updated and linked to “1870”, the date of origin, which emphasized its heritage and savoir-faire. These elements, throughout the various product lines, were used differently to establish uniformity and consistency within the brand family while enhancing the personality of each product. The shape of the glass bottle was redesigned to increase the brand’s personality, inspired by an historic bottle of 1916.

The application of colorful labels in sophisticated shades, different for each varietal, helped in the navigation and suggested the original ingredient of the product.

A more deconstructed treatment was reserved for the K18 and K24 products for a younger public: the shield disappeared for the most part and only a portion of it remained. The label seems silk-screened on the plain bottle. Even the name was redesigned for a younger public.

"A story with a refined, modern language"